Welcome to the world of programming and challenges for jong people and adults.

Fun for children and adult children. Even more fun for girls. And easy for teachers. International programming together in the classroom or at companies and challenging each other via eTwinning. making STEAM project and design the future. With an international exchange program you can cross borders and meet each other.


As and teacher become a role model and give students the opportunity to develop to the maximum in programming and all kinds of techniques for their later profession or because it is just fun.

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We collaborate with schools, companies and role models, they are committed to learning programming and robotics skills. We do this inside and outside the education system and companies, from toddlers to professionals. Together we form an international alliance for SDG 4: quality education. Would you like to become a role model or participate on behalf of your organization or educational institution or because you want to join? Then sign up!

As a role model you are welcome at all (online) rol model meetings. During these meetings, challenges are planned and we discuss how we can complement and strengthen each other. They largely consist of interactive and inspiring sessions.