Regulations Draw to the drawing

There are a number types of different drawing bots.

  1. The driving drawing bot
  2. the Drawing XY bot
  3. Drawing animation in de PC

Step 1: You carry out 3 assignments below in 1 of the above types. 

  1. draw a math shape 
  2. draw a repetitive math shape
  3. draw a free drawing on paper
  4. draw a free moving .gif file drawing (only possible on with Drawbot)
  5. draw a (ro)bot by choise

Step 2: 

  • When submitting the assignment, you also hand in the coding by making pictures and movies (max. 1 minute)
  • You have 3 times to make the same drawing. The best one counts.
  • There are 3 assignments to complete.
  • Time limitation is different for every drawing.