In short, this is Formula 1 in the world of robots: the winner is the one that covers the route most quickly. In the Turbo class, robots use tunnel drives that enable them to reach higher speeds, and in the Enhanced version, there are obstacles and obstacles on the route that the robots must overcome.

Regulations Grand prix

Programmable bots can usually ride on a black line. You can make the course and the obstacles very difficult.

The course: the car follows the black line. If the bot can’t find its way back or can’t take the obstacle, the bot is out

You can use the following obstacles to make the course difficult

  • Hurdle 1: Place a ramp
  • Hurdle 2: Break the line with an obstacle on the black line
  • Hurdle 3: Place a seesaw
  • Hurdle 4: Place a dark tunnel
  • Hurdle 5: Make black lines that are dead ends
  • Hurdle 6: Place a square arc and dark flaps for the car to drive through