With Scratch you can create all kinds of animations. For Scratch go to  https://scratch.mit.edu/Below are a few examples.

Scratch Challenge #1

Here’s Scratch Challenge 1, which is for beginners. 

And now for the answer to Scratch Challenge 1!
1. Add the Backdrop named Room 1.
2. Delete the cat sprite and add Dog2.
3. Here is the code to add to the dog sprite: when you click the green flag, the dog will forever say “I’m happy you’re here!”, glide 1 second to a random position on the backdrop, and change his color effect by 25.

Did you figure it out? Was this your first Scratch project? (If so, congratulations and welcome to the world of Scratch coding!)


Scratch Challenge #2

Scratch Challenge 2 is for users with a little bit of Scratch experience. It’s is inspired by the fact that while there are some things we can’t do right now, like go to school, we can still enjoy taking walks!

And the answer to Scratch Challenge 2:
For this project, it’s important to remember how a sprite always has a position on the XY grid. X=0, Y=0 is the middle of the backdrop. I’ve included a picture of the grid, but you can look it up at anytime because the grid is one of the backdrops you can choose!

Costume switching and backdrop switching make it look like our sprite is going on a very long walk.


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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Scratch Challenge #4

Attack of the clones! (That’s a hint.) Cute, multi-color clones.

Answer to Scratch Challenge 4: Did you find the clone block? Once you do, the rest of the code is pretty simple. But it’s a very fun effect, and my students love it! It never seems to get old, watching the clones fill the screen. I have some other clone activities in mind for future challenges.

Scratch Challenge #5

For Scratch Challenge 5, we’ll use the Pen blocks to draw on the screen. When you start a new project, you won’t see the Pen blocks right away– you’ll need to add them. Below all of the other block categories, there is a blue square called “Add Extension.” Click that and then choose Pen.

Add the Pen blocks to your Star sprite to draw with it. If you’ve never used the Pen blocks before, practice first by drawing a line, then a square. Pen up/down will give you more control over where on the screen you’re drawing.

And here’s how the star drew the rainbow lines in Scratch Challenge 5. You can experiment with some differences by changing the number of repeats (don’t forget to also change the amount of degrees you turn), or by editing the pen properties like color or size.


Scratch Challenge #6

For Scratch Challenge 6, you’ll want to take a look in the Sensing blocks to figure out how the sprites can ask questions and where the answer is stored. If you’ve used these blocks before and the challenge feels too easy, try adding a few more questions and use the if/then blocks to control how your sprite reacts!

Did you figure out Scratch Challenge 6? Did you find the join operator so that you could use the answer in the text that the sprite says?