Regulations The Ice Games

  1. Let the robot drive on a surface of 2 meters in length with different slopes.
  2. The surface must be smooth.
  3. Let the robot drive over the plate
  4. Raise the plate on 1 side by 2 degrees
  5. Let the robot drive up and turn down again at the top
  6. Increase the incline by 2 degrees at a time.
  7. Story step 4 to step 6 until the robot can no longer drive and stops or leads away.
  8. Record the temperature of the room.
  9. See which angle of inclination the robot can drive

Robots specification

  • Make an Icebot like the IROS 2020, loke ad the next page for more inspiration.
  • The robot may look like the IROS 2020, but it may also be different
  • The maximum weight is 6.3 kg
  • All parts must be able to withstand water and cold.

Because this assignment is very complex to build. Is it mandatory to share the construction drawing with the judge?