Cobots are part of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. from 2000, cobots of various brands were introduced to the market. You will increasingly see the cobots in schools. Not only in vocational education, but in secondary education and primary school. Because programming a cobot is fun for all children. Both boys and girls and of all ages. It is not a toy that you just buy and can use immediately. That is why there must be a teacher at a school who studies this so that children can learn it quickly.

If your kids have worked with Scratch or Blockly, they will recognize the programming structure and pick it up quickly.

Robotics turned into cobotics. More and more schools are working with Universal robots. We call a Universial robot a UR robot. The picture shows a setup that can be made at school and that students can program.

The cobot shows that great leaps have been made in robot technology in recent times. The cobot has become a user-friendly robot, user-friendly and safe to be around and can also be operated by young children from 8 years old.

Robot Run is an interactive robot game that allows users to control the robot around a maze-like structure. The game emphasizes and dramatizes the precision of the robot arm, the ease of programming and the wide range of applications that the robot can be loaded with.

The solution is based on a UR5 robotic arm from Universal Robots. It provides safe, flexible operation without the need for screens and could rotate 360 ​​degrees – perfect for the needs of the interactive challenge.

You can make the maze yourself or order it as a flat pack using the contact form below.