What if the next step in your career is a PhD and become a master in your own subject!


You can start a PhD with ICE-Bots. We supervise the PhD trajectory, are the client and formulate your research question together with you. We link you to the right university. Research questions we stimulate are in the field of technology, education technology, IT, IOT, programming, coding, TinyML, Robotics or Cobotics. We are happy to combine this with the SDGs of the UN to stimulate a sustainable society.

PhD student pushing button about Doctorate of Philosophy concept

If you want to apply for a PhD, you are already known to us within the previous projects: Bot challenges, Robothon, Mentor project, the robotic journey or an event

You have a job and can do a PdH in addition to this job, you get time from your employer or do you have enough private time to do your PhD. For Dutch participants in education, there is a option for a separate coaching trajectory so that you get 0.4 FTE free for your PhD.


Our role models who are working on themselves and have obtained their PhD or are in the proces of there PhD and maybe have been able to take the next step to become a professor are happy to encourage you to make the step to a PhD and make the route to professorship. Our role models are all in technology or education who like to encourage you to take the next step in your career.

If you are interested or have questions, send an email via the contact form with your question and story.