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We proudly present our role models. To find out more or to get in touch with a role model, click on the photo and you will be redirected to the Linkedin profile.

Role models are essential for attracting girls and boys into STEAM studies and careers. The can who do well in STEAM but often struggle to identify with STEAM fields because they don’t have STEAM role models to relate to. For girls and boys seeing women or man, as well as understanding how that woman or man got to where she or he is, encourages them to chase their dreams.

ICE-Bots was started by a couple of STEAM+Entrepreneurial women who have experienced working in technology fields themselves. They know the barriers, challenges and the thrills of working in tech, starting their own companies or educational career. When we create opportunities for girls and boys to stretch their minds beyond the gravitational pull of traditional career paths, we give them the confidence to change the world.

Iris Laven
Founder ICE-Bots, CEO LavenTEC and teacher
“Let’s start dreaming so that we can and dare to achieve something new and different.
Jo Huppertz
Productspecialist at MCA
I want to encourage girls and boys to be their true self and not be afraid to stand out of the crowd, especially within STEAM and entrepreneurship where I’ve got my experience.
AnneMieke Zaat
Girls and boys should feel empowered to chase their dreams, no matter the dream.
Nick Kleijnen
“Find the joy in learning, it’s a beautiful thing to constantly feel excitement in your heart about learning new things“
Simone van Groenstijn
Teachter at CYM creative computingcourses
“We need the future generation of creative thinkers and programmers to think differently.”
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Amin El Ouazghari
Team leader technical college Parkstad
“Find the joy in learning, it’s a beautiful thing to constantly feel excitement in your heart about learning new things”
Sanne Janssen
Founder of Huts Spot Making place for and with young people city maker Sittard-Geleen
“Every person has his own strength, his own talent. It doesn’t matter what you do, but do something that makes you happy because that’s what you get good at!”

A role model has a Linkedin profile and can be reached via Linkedin. ICE-Bots is about stimulating: robotics, IOT, programming, sustainability, innovation and/or entrepreneurship. A role model has one of these topics as a spearhead in his/her career and can organize an event from this spearhead together with ICE-Bots. This can be online or a physical meeting(s).

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