Experience the adventure and get to know many countries and cultures.

In 3 weeks, from the start at your own country, we drive to Denmark, go furter to Norway and go back through Sweden to Denmark. 

Under the expert guidance of ICE-Bots and her private drivers/coaches, we embark on the adventure together.

The organization guides the group in a Mercedus B Electric car. Our goal is to learn about robotics and investigate the possibilities with electric cars in cold environments below zero degrees. That is why teachers and students from automotive technology and researchers are also going on this journey.

The adventure

The facts of a trip:

  • 21 days
  • 5 countries
  • 9,000 kilometers
  • Minimum temperature -5 degrees
  • Maximum temperature 20 degrees


  • Set up your own team and register with Ice-Bots
  • Look for a car and make it Norway proof
  • Arrange sponsors, among other things, set up social media, presentations and/or website
  • Inform yourself on the “Bots Days”
  • 3 meetings for the preparation phase, for all practical information and immediately get to know the other participants


  • Departure end of February 2023 this includes the carnival holiday from the South of the Netherlands
  • Making final arrangements (such as dividing convoy into smaller groups) with the teams and goodbyes by family and friends (and maybe fans)
  • Speech by the CEO of ICE-Bots and an official start at 10:00.


  • From the Netherlands to Germany
  • Working on the Ice Games challenge



  • Driving from Germany to Denmark to Norway
  • Working on the Ice Games challenge


  • Using Norwegian crowns
  • 2 days in Bergen
  • 2 days in Trondheim
  • 1 day Aurora space centre 
  • 2 days in Tromso
  • 1 day in north cape
  • Rest days
  • An impressive route through beautiful nature
  • Lots of contact with the people
  • Overnight in a hotel or Norwegian holiday homes
  • Visit to schools and companies


  • Driving to Demark
  • 3 days through Sweden
  • a stop at a robot company
  • Impressive route through beautiful nature


  • From Sweden to Denmark
  • Change to Danish crowns
  • 4 days pitstop in Odense the Robot city
  • Lots of contact with the people
  • Overnight in a hotel
  • Visit to a school and companies
Going back home

Which students can participate?

You are interested in technology and innovation
You have participated at least 1 time in the Hackaton in South-Limburg in the Netherlands.

Students with

  • technical education
  • communication
  • media and sign
  • durability
  • logistics
  • care and welfare
  • ICT
  • agrarian
  • Safety
  • defence
  • a more…

ICE-Bots The Journey is an innovative, adventurous way to discover the world of robotics. The program is aimed at Dutch (technical) students from the age of 18 who travel to Norway by car to meet educational institutions and companies involved in robotics along the way.

Our work is based on the following values:

  • Learning together
    During the project, the student stands up to transfer knowledge and learn from students and companies.
  • Adventurous
    The students set up their own team, prepare their trip, organize sponsorship activities, prepare a car and cover 9,000 kilometers in three weeks through adventurous terrain with special encounters.
  • Collaboration in development
    An exchange of knowledge and cultures with great value for everyone involved: the students, their network and supervisors from here and there and the vocational schools.
  • Sustainability and SDGs
    Robotics is a broad subject and occurs in all kinds of sectors. Robotics is often combined with vision and inspection, PLC programming, IOT and TinyML. Themes of nature, water and transport are important. Students who are involved in these topics and who want to gain knowledge about the combination of these topics with robotics are very welcome.
  • Social
    Students have literally and figuratively cross-border experiences that permanently change the view of the familiar environment and open consciousness to another part of the world. They convey these experiences and enthusiasm inside and outside the school environment to fellow students, friends, family and later in their work environment. They develop a sense of self-esteem and confidence.
  • Learning together
    The organization aims to provide robotics, engineering and IT education. more attractive, offer students opportunities for a broader perspective of the world and ensure the exchange of knowledge. As knowledge increases, the country has more innovation and development. For students specifically, intensive preparation for school, a wonderful journey and a unique project applies: it is a once in a life-time experience!
  • Adventurous
    The journey to Norway is a great adventure. In addition, the students and private drivers have an unforgettable experience, learn to broaden their horizons and their social skills, improvisation capacity and inventiveness are claimed.